About Growers and Nomads

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Our name is drawn from the idea that we are all growers and we are all nomads.

Each of us has both a deep need to ground ourselves in home, family and community as well as an innate curiosity that propels us to explore the world beyond. The ways we go about doing this is what makes us individuals and defines our lives.

Both parts of our selves—the rooted and the restless—are interwoven in our beings. Sometimes one part comes to the fore and is more dominant than the other; sometimes they mingle. But we built this site because, no matter where we journey, we always come home.

Growers and Nomads offers you a place of conversation—where you can talk to us and with others like you; a place to talk about how home is a metaphor for life.

Visit often for the latest home improvement blogs from experts like New York Times columnist and Sunset Editor-at-Large Allison Arieff, color guru Shannon Kaye and branding innovator Edward Leaman.

And once you're ready to begin your project, we help you find a local trusted service provider who can help you realize your home inspirations and aspirations.

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