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Your Dining Chairs Can Set Your Style
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of my favorite rooms to decorate is one that celebrates family, friends, entertainment, holidays and delicious occasions to remember: the dining room! The table and lighting are important elements in its design; however, the first items I always tell my clients to buy for the dining room are the dining chairs. They have the most impact in defining the room. Here I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

Artistic Frame
(artisticframe.com) is a designer trade resource with a wonderful showroom. The comprehensive, detailed website shows numerous models that are categorized by period and style. The collection has many options, including custom finishes, sizes and a large choice of fabrics. I love the Athens Dining Chair. It blends perfectly with traditional or modernist style; its angular back is ultra comfortable from appetizers through dessert.

Artistic Frame Chair

[Image: Athens Chair via Artistic Frame]

For more than 20 years, M2L (M2Lcollection.com) has brought the best contemporary European furniture to the American market. M2L’s iconic designers are world renowned and their furniture among the finest pieces of 20th-century design. The Little Tulip dining chair was created by Pierre Paulin in 1965. The petal shape invites the sitter to dine in comfort in an edgy and modern setting. Another M2L classic, the 401 Break Chair, was created in 1976 by Mario Bellini. It’s currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City as part of the 20th Century Design Collection. Its simple and straight lines mix beautifully with modern or traditional tables, whether your style is formal or casual.

M2L chair

[Image: Little Tulip Chair via M2L]

M2L chair

[Image: 401 Break Chair via M2L]

McGuire (mcguirefurniture.com) has been known for its wonderful and innovative rattan furniture for more than 60 years. Finishes and fabric customization are available, and there are many styles from which to choose. The Double Caned Armchair is supremely comfortable and always stylish and elegant. The Cracked Ice Chair, introduced by McGuire in 1968, is famous for its rattan and rawhide back. Another of my favorites is the impeccably crafted Rattan Target Armchair. I love the fact that McGuire’s rattan dining chairs complement almost any type of table in a formal, country or ultra modern style and setting.

Double Caned Armchair

[Image: Double Caned Armchair via McGuire]

Cracked Ice Chair

[Image: Cracked Ice Chair via McGuire]

Rattan Target Chair

[Image: Rattan Target Chair via McGuire]

Restoration Hardware (restorationhardware.com) has reinvented its brand to offer one-of-a-kind items and new pieces that are an expression of form and function and exact replicas of 19th-century pieces crafted faithfully from beautiful materials. Such is the case with its dining chair collection. The Vintage French Round and Vintage French Square dining chairs are sophisticated and timeless in their Louis XVI style and have matching armchairs as well. The Gustavian side chair is a simple and pure Swedish design and looks wonderful mixed with the Belfort Wing Chair at the head of the table.  

Restoration Hardware

[Image: Vintage French Round Armchair via Restoration Hardware]

Restoration Hardware

[Image: Vintage French Round Side Chair via Restoration Hardware]

Restoration Hardware

[Image: Vintage French Square Side Chair via Restoration Hardware]

Restoration Hardware

[Image: Vintage French Square Side Chair via Restoration Hardware]

Restoration Hardware

[Image: Gustavian Side Chair via Restoration Hardware]

Restoration Hardware

[Image: Belfort Wing Chair via Restoration Hardware]

All of these chairs are classics. Some are pure examples of period furniture, others embrace a more eclectic style. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the meal. Bon appétit!

[Main image: 401 Break Chair from www.M2lcollection.com]


I <3 the Athens Chair! So chic!
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