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Ask an Expert: Former Chef Dishes the 4 Basic Principles of Kitchen Design
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Design guru David Brian Sanders had a whole other life before he became one of the most sought-after interior designers in Los Angeles and nationwide. His work has been published in Renovation Style, Traditional Home and The Los Angeles Times, and his design studio has become one of the most popular with some of the most discerning members of the Hollywood elite.


But before opening his design studio in Los Angeles in the 1990s, he graduated from Peter Kump's School of Culinary Arts in New York City and served as the executive corporate chef at the famed Flavors restaurant in New York City. Here he combines his two passions, cooking and design, to form a quick, helpful list of ingredients to prep for a kitchen redesign.

1. Get your priorities straight. "The first thing I ask a client is 'What are your priorities in the kitchen?'" says Sanders. When meeting with designers to help you redesign your kitchen, be sure to have a list of your top priorities. A well-planned kitchen should have your life and your habits at its core. 


2. It's called counter space for a reason. "I try to direct all my clients to keep a streamlined kitchen, not too much on the counters as it takes away from the design of the kitchen," Sanders advises. Perhaps not all kitchens need a complete overhaul, but most kitchens can probably benefit from the keen eye of an organization and storage space consultant to streamline their kitchen dynamics.


3. Mind your spatial relationships. "You want the dishwasher and sink close together. As a former French chef, the last thing I want to do is schlep pots and pans across my kitchen into a dishwasher that isn't close to my sink. That makes for a very taxing clean-up process," says Sanders. "The other reason you want your oven in close proximity to the counter space is because generally when items are coming out of the oven, they are very hot, and one does not want to have to walk across a kitchen with scalding hot pots and pans to a landing point! So, the closer they are to the landing point, the easier it is for the chef to maneuver around the kitchen. Also, often times we have to check the food and decide whether it's ready or not, and having the oven closer to counter space makes this process much easier."


David Sanders Kitchen


[image via David Brian Sanders Interior Architecture + Design]

4. Quality is quality.Choose the right appliances for your project. 'Nuff said. Sanders recommends Viking, Sub-Zero, Dacor, Grohe, Franke and Miele as preferred kitchen appliance brands. 

David Brian Sanders' design studio is located on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Visit his Web site at


[main image via David Brian Sanders Interior Architecture + Design]

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David raises really good points. Had never really thought about appliance placement before but makes total sense!!!
By Anonymous 1470 days ago

Loves it!
By Anonymous 1470 days ago

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