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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Curbly describes itself as a place for “people who love where they live.” That’s certainly us. It also asserts that “with the right tools and know-how, every person can create a place that fits their personality.” Again, we concur.

But where we at Growers and Nomads are experts in home inspiration and the professional services to get them done, Curbly is committed to home-brewed DIY. With authentic, Martha Stewart-lite tips and an I-can-do-it creative sensibility, Curbly encourages their readers to add a personal touch to any home project.

A sampling of posts on Curbly include “Eight Alternative Uses for Plastic Wrap” (which, we were pleased to learn, includes “banish frizzies”), “How to Make a Felt Fabric Curtain” (see image above) and – something right up our alley – “Would You Have the Courage to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Black?” (We say, yes! But consult with a professional. Dramatic paint on bumpy walls can make for a mini-disaster and many coats of primer.)

Curbly has the distinct feeling of being “real” and thus reels you in as if you were reading a good friend’s blog. Its DIY ideas range from “big project” to “small craft” -- that's real life, isn't it? -- and we think there’s more than a little inspiration to be found here.

[Main Image: Curbly.com]


I love this site! Thanks so much for the referral!
By Anonymous 2387 days ago

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